Senior Back End Engineer

Remote / Berlin, Berlin, Germany Full Time senior
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Senior Python Backend Engineer, PaymentsRemote or Berlin, GermanyEngineeringFull-timeWe are looking for Senior Backend Engineers to join our engineering teams in the Checkout and Payments Group of product development (3 engineering teams in total), to build a world-class payment infrastructure. As Wolt operates internationally in over 23 countries and over 200 cities, these teams are in a vital spot for e.g. enabling a smooth checkout experience for our +10 million customers and ensuring stable, safe, and error-proof money flows. Checkout and Payment Teams implement payment and fraud solutions on Wolt’s checkout, as well as ensure that other quickly growing teams at Wolt (i.e. Growth, Retail, etc) can readily use payments based on their needs (i.e. multi-payment, bill-splitting, recurring payments, two-factor authentication on-demand, etc). Technical work can be anything from order purchase designs for checkout, to dynamic payments routing, fraud solutions, solutions to track cash collections from tens of thousands of couriers in real-time, etc.As the business is 24/7 so must our services be. We have a lot of highly challenging engineering topics for seasoned seniors - event-driven, asynchronous service design, blitzscaling business requirements, and a strong emphasis on automation.Cool stuff about our teams:Ownership: Observability and ownership from Kubernetes upwards are very much what we live and breathe. We handle the whole development process (business logic, testing, database & data streaming, CI/CD, analytics, cloud) ourselves in an autonomous manner. Don’t worry, we’re not alone: We have support from central teams when we need help.Technology: We use modern tools and technologies. Current stack in use: Python (FastAPI, Flask), Kotlin, TypeScript, React, MongoDB, Kafka, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Terraform, AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes.Autonomy: We make the decisions as a team and group of teams! We are free to choose the technology stack and tools and make architectural decisions together. No top-down decisions!Growth: There is a lot of room for learning, teaching and growing together. We will support you with the tools and materials you need. Creativity: We’re building lots of new stuff with minimal technical debt so you can focus on developing new features.Flexibility: You can choose whether you want to work from home, from the office, or hybrid. It’s up to you and we don’t monitor people. We have a dedicated relocation partner to help you move to either Finland or Germany. If you are currently living in Estonia, Denmark, or Sweden there is no need for you to relocate should you want to work from home but we will help you if you do want to move.Diversity: We have different people with different backgrounds. Cultivating diversity and maintaining different opinions is the key to our success.Impact: Want to see the impact of your work? We‘re at the heart of the platform and many of our expansion plans per market region are extremely dependent on what payment methods we support. Money makes the business go aroundThis role can be based either in ouror Helsinki tech hubs or you can work fully remotely anywhere in Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, or Estonia. Read more about remote setup .Our humble expectationsSome of our services are written in Python (FastAPI, Flask), others in Kotlin. We are looking for the ability to develop production-level microservices in Python and willingness to learn other modern languages as well.Our Engineers have wide responsibilities over the whole development lifecycle so knowledge of tools such as PostgreSQL, Docker, K8 and AWS will become handy. We are looking for engineers who can solve problems together, think about big problems such as scalability and availability and sometimes go against the current to also challenge the common decision. Understanding payments will help you succeed, but please don’t let it get in the way if it’s a new area for you - we’re sure you’d get a grasp of things quickly once you start! In addition to technical expertise we value taking ownership beyond obvious, your motivation to learn new things you don’t yet master, ability to make decisions together with your team and willingness to collaborate with different teams Woltwide.
This job has more than 30 days. You can find more up-to-date jobs using the search box.

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