Systems Engineer

Remote Contract regular
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70000 - 110000 USD / year *
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What we do

RISC Zero is on a mission to fix the internet. We‘re a diverse group of hackers, futurists, and nerds dedicated to making the internet the place we all deserve. We‘ve already built the world‘s first zero knowledge virtual machine capable of running arbitrary code as a zero knowledge proof. We‘re now building an ecosystem on top of it.

We have a transparent pay structure with above market salaries and premium benefits. We‘ve all been part of many startups before, so we care a lot about making sure everyone is treated fairly - when it comes to equity, founders have no meaningful advantage over the rest of the employees. You‘ll have tremendous ability to take part in changing the world, and we believe that deserves meaningful ownership.

What you‘ll do

As a Systems Engineer at RISC Zero, you will work on the world’s most advanced Zero Knowledge Platform. Built in Rust, our zkVM supports compilation of arbitrary code into a Zero Knowledge Proof. Our zkVM is the core on which our products are built, so you’ll interface with those teams, as well as the team responsible for our lower-level compiler technology.

Who you are

You’re an expert in statically typed languages and deeply understand the mechanics of operating systems. You know the intricacies of writing cross-platform code. You care deeply about developer-friendly libraries and have a knack for coming up with creative solutions to tough problems. You have a track record of providing technical leadership and helping to grow the engineers on your team.

More specifically, you’ve probably done most of the following:

  • Made large contributions to an operating system
  • Defined new compilation targets
  • Written code specific to a particular instruction set
  • Gained expertise in a variety of statically typed languages
  • Written blockchain smart contracts
  • Experimented with Zero Knowledge Proofs

That said, we‘re looking for people who love this problem and are dedicated to making it work. If you don‘t perfectly match the description but you‘re still interested - apply anyways. We‘re always ready to bring on great people, even if we weren‘t expecting it.

Estimated salary

We couldn't find salary information in the job offer from RISC Zero. Because we love compensation transparency, we have estimated salary based on similar jobs: 70000 - 110000 USD / year *
This job has more than 30 days. You can find more up-to-date jobs using the search box.