Brand New IT Jobs - Week #21 of 2022

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Kamil Kwiecien

Founder of Remote Index

May 18, 2022

This is Kamil, founder of the Remote Index - every week I compile a list of fresh remote engineering jobs to help you find your next remote position.

Today I have 16 of 124 new jobs I want to share with you. Check out all our new jobs from companies like Acala, RabbitHole, elvah, WalletConnect, RVU, Aspiration, Bubble, Protocol Labs, Holland and Barrett, Appsbroker, Planet and more below!

Let's dive in.

I also share new jobs on our Twitter: @remoteindexco

By the way, do you have any feedback for me? Feature requests? Companies I should add? I built Remote Index for remote workers like you (and me), so I want to hear what can be improved.

You can reach me on Twitter @shmannet at any time.

Many thanks